How do I MOVE a note into a background INSTEAD of connecting it!!?

I just want to be able to drag a note INTO a background to MOVE it to that location ---- NOT to make a connection between the note and the background.

I need to know how to do it when using a mouse and also how to do it when just using the magic trackpad on a MacBook Pro.

I have wasted a huge amount of time looking for the answer today to no avail. I am sure it is buried somewhere in the manual but I cannot find it! The most frustrating thing is I know I found the answer in the manual before but cannot find it now!!

Thank you for any help you can give.

I’m having a hard time getting to the point you’re describing as a default condition in your setup. :slight_smile: It in fact is designed to be more difficult to link a note to a background shape because the normal behaviour for dragging a note into a shape is to place it there, rather than to link it.

It might help to put into steps what actions you are taking. For myself, if I create a board and use the Notes/New Background Shape, then double-click somewhere outside of that to make a note, and then drag it into the shape—it is moved into the shape.

The only intentional way to link a note to a shape is to drag the shape to the note.

Here is a screencast of the issue.

The problem may be that I am dragging a group of notes. However I know for sure that there is a combination of keys that allows me to do that. I just cannot remember what it is.

Unfortunately that site requires Flash to be installed.

By “group” do you mean you are not dragging a note into a shape, or even a selection or stack of notes (because that would make no difference in behaviour), but rather you are dragging a shape into a shape? If so that’s entirely different—and yes shapes do act like peers to one another and will link when you drag them on top of each other, just like notes are peers and link to each other when you drag them on top of each other.

It’s usually easier to do things the other way around. Drag the larger shape behind the smaller one—but a trick to be aware of is that the link behaviour is based on where your mouse pointer is. You can overlap shapes so long as your mouse isn’t also overlapping the underlying shape. So, give yourself a handle. Make the shape you want to drag into the other shape wider or taller than it needs to be and drag it from the edge. When you’ve got it inside, resize it back down.

It looks as if your background is indeed a note in itself, not a Background Shape. If you use Background Shape you can easily move notes in and out but the best way of doing it is, in my opinion, to create the background shape afterwards, when you are done. If you make large changes on an existing background shape in the way that it gets to crowded inside or it doesn’t really fit all notes, I usually remove the background shape and the make a new.

Thanks for all your input! Your replies helped a lot.

Also, good to know that Jing/TechSmith requires Flash to be viewed. Another support team suggested it. In the future I will use QuickTime to record screencasts.