How Do I Move Folders, Docs, and Photos Out of Scrivener?

I’ve seen many posts and articles about moving Folders around in a Scrivener project, or moving them to another Scrivener project. But I want to move my research materials out of my Scrivener project and into other files and software. I have numerous photos, maps, and documents that I need to move. Click and drag ain’t working. When a project collects a lot of photos and PDFs it begins to get slow and unwieldy. The Binder gets very long and it would be easier to find things in outside folders. But also I just want to be able to use the material with external files and software. Anybody know how to move things out of Scrivener?

File → Export → Files.

Then delete the originals from the project, and empty the project Trash.

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Thank you–that works!