How do I move my project to a new computer?

I started writing a while back using Scrivenor on an old computer. I now have a new one, and though I have managed to download Scrivenor itself to the new computer no problem, I am not sure how to make sure that my project can be transferred over safely without missing any pieces.

I do have Dropbox, but would rather use that for backups, rather than the main copy which I want to be on the new computer only.

Also, I can’t even remember exactly where I saved the orignal project, though I can open it in Srivenor no problem! I have not been able to track back through my file structure to be sure where the project files are.

Help warmly received! Thanks.

If you’re trying to find all of the Scrivener projects on your old computer, open the Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer), select your C: drive on the left, and then enter “foldername:*.scriv” without the quotes into the search field in the upper right area of the window.

That should show you all of the projects on your C: drive. Copy all of those folders onto an external drive of some sort, and then copy those onto your new computer, preferably in the Documents folder.

If you have any other internal hard drives on your old computer, re-run the search with those other drives selected.