How do I open a project without a .scriv file

I have a bunch of files, possibly done on a Mac (now I am on Windows as the Mac is deceased). I can see folders for my project, Cafe Insomnia 2, but no .scriv file. There are text docs in the folders, which I can open but no idea what the sequene shold be. Is there a workaround?

Insomnia files image.jpg

In Windows, you open the .scrivx file inside the .scriv folder. It was a folder on the Mac as well but ”hidden” like a file.

You shouldn’t have backups and the live project in the same folder.

Sadly, I don’t see any .scrivx files, just .rtdf and .txt

Did you ever upgrade to Scrivener 2? I think .rtfd files were for version 1 only; they converted .rtf files for version 2 (if not at release, then at some point after version 2.0).

If those are Scrivener 1 for Mac files, you’ll need to get the last version of the project to a Mac running a trial of Scrivener 2 for Mac and open the project; that will convert it to something compatible with the Windows version.

You can get the ‘legacy’ Scrivener 2 for Mac trial at

I don’t own a Mac any longer - my Mac died. I have version 1.7.90.


Maybe you could contact the help desk directly and ask the m if they would convert your files for you?

Thanks, they were kind enough to do that before, with a bunch of projects - I didn’t want to put them out again, but I can certainly ask. I certainly find everyone so supportive and helpful here. Thank you.

It looks like most of those projects are backups, so you don’t necessarily need to convert all of them. If you look inside, you’ll probably find that only a few files are actually different, and that the project without a date stamp has the most recent versions of everything.


Thanks, all, and KEWMS you are right - the undated file contains the .txt files, which I am copying out, though I may need to reorganise as the sequence is unclear - I wrote it three years ago, as far as it went.