How do I open a Scrivener zipped file?

Do our projects created in Scrivener open in Scrivener? I just tried to open my latest zip file and it wouldn’t. How do you open your Scrivener zipped files?

Unzip them first by double-clicking on them. They’ll open in the same location, but with the extension .scriv rather than .zip. It’s the .scriv one which will open in Scrivener.




When I double-click the zip file, it does it’s little fast scroll like it’s going to do something but doesn’t. It then pops up a Finder window with the same zip file but no scriv file with the same date. What now?

I think … The system – or Stuffit Expander – is asking you to confirm that you want the unzipped file to be saved in the folder that’s showing. That’s only a guess as it’s impossible to know without seeing your screen or more details …

But if I’m right, then all you have to do is, when it’s run, open that folder in the Finder and you’ll find the .scriv to open.


It was hard to tell which file to open in the Folder it was put into, but I finally clicked on one and it did open in Scrivener. I was able to retrieve a Folder I’d accidently lost…deleted, so I was happy for that, and for those around here that suggested making frequent zip files of our projects. Thanks for your help!

llmember, do you have file extensions turned off? If you do, in the Finder (Just click on the desktop) go to the menu < Finder > choose < Preferences > click the < Advanced > icon and in the pane that appears, put a tick in the box “Show all file extensions”.

Also, whenever you save a document or file, in the < Save > dialog, turn off < Hide extensions > which you find down in the bottom left corner … you may have to click the triangle by the file name to make sure it’s pointing down in order to see that.

If you do that, all files will show their extensions. Scrivener projects are .scriv, zipped files are .zip. Scrivener will only open .scriv projects, but you’ll be able to see those easily, and so make it easier to work out which you want.

HTH :slight_smile: