How do I open an existing project?

I am having all kinds of problems trying to understand syncing with Dropbox/iOS, backing up, etc., which I’ve detailed elsewhere. I think much of my problem stems from not knowing the best place to open my existing project.

Normally, I would do so from Dropbox, when using my MacBook. But this seems to be “triggering” the warning that I’m opening a saved document from within its saved self. However, if I open the Scrivener app, there is no direct option to open a project. If it happens to be a recent project, fine, but how do I actually open the project I want, doing it the proper way?

When doing so from my iPad, that’s fine-- except now I had to delete my Scrivener app on my iPad, and hope that reinstalling it will help me figure out how to make everything sync.

There’s a friendly button “Open an Existing File…” (right next to “Open Recent”) which opens the familiar Mac file selection box. Or use “Open …” from the File menu, like in any other Mac app.

If you’re not seeing those, then something is seriously wrong, though.

Explanation of the error message and what to do about it; … tion-error