How do I print the outliner view on windows

How do I print off the contents of my outliner? I’m in the midst of a rewrite of a novel , really enjoying what scrivener has to offer but I can’t manage to print out all the synopses that appear in the outliner (for each chapter/ scene within chapters) to edit when I’m away from the computer. I’ve tried control P and it doesn’t work. Last time, I cut and pasted each synopses but surely there is a way to do it from within scrivener?

Yes. Via compile. Click on Formatting Pane. Click the tick boxes for synopsis and then select print in the drop down menu.

As a starting point, try selecting the “Outliner” preset from the Format As drop-down menu in compile. That’s set to compile just titles and synopses, an you can tweak formatting further if you wish.