How do I put "Get Started" back at the top?

While going through the interactive tutorial, I put the START HERE (triangle icon w/exclamation mark) in the trash. And now I can’t get it back to the top of the binder. I’ve tried dragging it up there, looking for a right-click option. Now I’m afraid to do anything else during the tutorial in case I can’t undo something.

Thanks for your help.

But you certainly can drag an item from the project’s Trash folder back into the Binder, so it is unclear what the problem your having is. Scrivener shows you as you hover where the item will go when you drop it.

Start by dragging it and dropping it just somewhere in the Binder. At least you will have gotten it out of the project Trash and it won’t really matter that it is not at the tippy-top.

And try not to be scared of the tutorial. It is a safe place to play. You can always pull a fresh copy of the tutorial in a pinch.

Delete the tutorial and download it again.

This is good advice. Part of the reason why the Tutorial exists is so that people can try things that don’t work without damaging their own data.

If all else fails, trash the existing copy of the Tutorial and Scrivener will create a new one for you.

I’ll try not to be afraid. Thank you so much.

Yeah, I tried it several times. Couldn’t get it back to the same place. Thanks for the help.