how do i quickly change elements in scriptwriting mode

how do i easily and quickly change elements while in scriptwriting mode - for example, if i want to type some text as Action, but then decide a want to add a line from a character first, i go to the bottom right part of the editor and click on the arrows to change the element to Character ---- this works, but it is slow for me… i see there’s an “A” off to the side of the element Action — which im thinking is some sort’ve shortcut - but if i type A, i simply see an A appear in my document - so im not sure how to access the shortcut… also when i open up the Script Settings window, i see the various elements and their “menu shortcuts” which are the same letters (only lowercase, not the uppercase that’s in the Editor’s lower right pullup menu), which makes me feel like there’s gotta be a shortcut to quickly change elements — finally, im very use to Final Draft which has the Control 1 or Control 2 etc format to quickly change elements, but i dont think that works here - although maybe i can change the Menu shortcuts under the Script Settings to revert the menu shortcuts to a more familiar system — either way, i just dont know how to actually employ the “letter” shortcuts to change the elements, so im burdened with slowly using the ole mouse to navigate over the little arrows / click / scroll / click / etc every time i wish to change elements ---- anyone able to help me pls? thx !

You could also try to assign your own shortcuts to the elements via System Preferences; cf. Keith’s reply to a similar question.

Got it - ill try that ! thanks very much… TM