How do I remove all "Chapter N - title" text?

Hi, I want to use the chapter and scenes structure but I don’t want any text about it whatsoever, other than blank lines to appear between each part. I have tried following the instructions to remove everything but when I do the compile, it still inserts Chapter N [cr] scene title ahead of each scene. I want to keep my scene titles and chapters, though I haven’t used chapters yet, I want to use them for “Parts” of a novel instead of chapters. Inside each part (part 1, 2 & 3 it will be), I only want a series of scenes separated by line spaces. So, if anyone knows how I can get the compiled document to look like that, I’d be grateful. Otherwise, I just have to go through and delete them all, which is not the end of the world but it’s a pain. I need to keep the scene titles in Scrivener for my own information but I don’t want them or any numbering to appear in the compiled document.
Steve M.

It’s okay. I’ve got it working ok. I set up Part 1 as a chapter (folder) and the rest as scenes within that and also turned all the titles in the compile parts grid. It now looks the way I wanted it.

If this is the way you work frequently, you might like to open the compile window and click the “Save Preset” button in the lower left area; you’ll then be able to load your compile settings in other projects.

Glad you were able to sort this out. That Formatting tab of compile is where you can set all this, so as you discovered, toggling the “Title” element for a document type and level will determine whether or not the binder title of the item is included in the compiled file. Documents can also have a title prefix or suffix, which is set by selecting the row in the elements table, then clicking the “Modify” button below to adjust the formatting and then “Section Layout”. The prefix and suffix will be included in compile even when the binder title is deselected (allowing you to have meaningful titles in the binder but compile with simply “Chapter One”, “Chapter Two” and so on), so you’ll need to delete that “Chapter N” prefix text for the row to remove it from the compiled output.