How do I remove new line break in compiling

Hi, everyone
When I compile a project, the new merged document (for instance in Word) split the different elements with a line break. I want the compiled document to flow in one. There is no obvious box to tic this out or option to chose. Of course there is, but where is it?
best regards from Norway

Hello Norway!

It would help to know which version of Scrivener you are using but, assuming you’re up to date with Scrivener 3:

  1. Go into FILE, COMPILE, select your compile format and click the cog at the bottom left to EDIT FORMAT.
  2. From the left hand pane, select SEPARATORS and you will see the different options for folders and files.
  3. Change them from PAGE BREAK to a SINGLE RETURN (or whatever you want).

The default for a MS between folders, parts, chapter headings, sections etc. is a page break, but you can switch off the defaults and set it to whatever you want. With a single return, each folder and file will bleed into the one previous.

Best regards from the UK!