How do I remove the table of contents from mobi format

I’m trying to compile a book for use on a kindle, but it’s a novel and I don’t want a table of contents.

This seems like it should be a check box somewhere or other.

Is there a way to remove this.

From reading MANY posts online, it appears to be just a checkbox on the Mac version, but I can’t find it on the Windows version.

From what I’m seeing in other posts, you can’t do that (yet) on the windows version, but others have said to use a program like Calibre to remove the ToC and from there create your mobi files. I’m downloading my update to Calibre now, as I have a client who doesn’t want to have a ToC at all. So, I’ll be testing this shortly, and if I can get it to work, I’ll repost a solution.

This issue has wrecked my head since I started using Scrivener years ago.
Almost tempted to seek out another software to use.
We should be able to decide if we want a TOC or not.
How many novels have TOC?

Scrivener, give us the option to have a TOC or not.

I’ve been trying to solve the same problem and five months on from this post, there still appears to be no clear answer.

As much as I love working with Scrivener, the support leaves something to be desired.