How do I replace all instances of a font?

When I changed computers recently, I did not realise that the Courier font I prefer to use was not installed on it. So Scrivener has replaced all instances of it in my file with (I guess) the next font on the list - another flavour of Courier.

Now that I have installed my prefered font, I know how to change the settings so that Scriv uses it in future, but how do I replace it in the existing text?

Unfortunately I can’t go back to an old saved file, because there is a month’s worth of work between now and the last time I used the old computer.

Select all, change font?

Go to preferences, or whatever it’s called on Widows; find the formatting pane and set the editor up with the font you wish to use; save the preference. In the binder, select all your documents then right click and choose “Convert to default text formatting”, or whatever the wording is, from the drop down menu – I presume that’s available under Windows – and Bob’s your uncle!


Mr X

Does that not remove additional formatting such as bold, italics, etc rather than just changing the font itself?

I think that’s Paste and Match Style which strips out bold, italics, links, etc… I just tried Documents->Convert->Formatting to Default Style in the lastest Scrivener for Windows, and it preserved a bolded passage and a hyperlink.

Thanks for that.

Thanks for all the suggestions :smiley: