How do I replace this character?

I’ve cut and pasted some text from a website into Scrivener, that looks like this:
Millennium 3000 - Mozilla Firefox 2015-09-10 19.17.04.png
How do I replace those black question marks with the ’ character that they are meant to be?

  • This isn’t strictly speaking a Scrivener question, as the black question marks were in the original text. But if I paste one of them into a browser to search for help, all I get is a space.

Any suggestions gratefully received. :confused:

I’m guessing the website used a strange code for its apostrophes that Scrivener doesn’t recognize. Are you able to highlight just that character and paste it into the search box?

I agree, that does seem to be what’s happening. I’ve seen it before on other sites. Has it got something to do with unicode character sets? (out of my depth here…)

And no, if I cut and paste the character, I just get a space.

It’s the character sets, I think. Basically, it’s a really old page that’s probably either been created by or had text pasted from Word.
I’ve had this happen to me. I usually just clean up the HTML (view source and paste it into a text editor and “search & replace” until it looks like a text document. Although, this only works well if you’re familiar with HTML).

Or, you could try pasting it into Word and saving it as plain text…that may work. I’m pretty sure that Word will “see” the ? characters and you should be able to search & replace.

Good luck.

Does this help?

EDIT: File now removed.

:open_mouth: Wow! Thank you so much!

And you made it look so easy!

Word does see the ? character, but when I try to replace it, Word finds spaces and replaces them.

Welcome. The Mac made it simple enough to do. I’ll delete the file now that you’ve got it.

Happy writing.

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