How Do I Restore 24 Lost Chapters?

I’d be extremely grateful for any advice going, thank you.

I opened Scrivener today to continue working only to find that 24 out of 26 chapters of my work are completely blank - devoid of any text. The two chapters of work still left are the most recent ones. This is troubling. If it’s due to a bug of some sort, it’s one hell of a one.

The folders and text pages are all there, the way I set them up, but all the text has been deleted. I have a couple of other folders with a character list, text segments, character profiles, etc., which have also all been deleted. I have no idea how this has happened.

About a month ago I started working from a new laptop (ASUS, windows 10) and the loading of Scrivener and adding my work to the program was a little difficult. Having installed, I had to then reinstall again as the backup file didn’t load into Scrivener properly. Then all seemed well, or mostly well, until today.

I have my work backed up to an external drive as a zip file and I was wondering how do load it, or restore it back to Scrivener over the top of what is still there, if that makes sense.

Where do you save your live project?

How are you saving your project while you work? Do you allow it to auto-save, or are you using some sort of keystroke? I believe that I’ve seen similar problems on the forum that stemmed from users accidentally creating templates of their projects, thinking they were saving them. A template, I believe, would have the Binder structure of your current project, but not the content of the documents (correct me if I’m wrong here, everyone).

To restore the backups, just extract their zip files and open them in Scrivener as you would any other project. Hopefully at least one of them contains the missing text.

Hi lunk

I save both on an external drive and on my laptop using the backup ‘path’ that Scrivener uses:


Sanguinius, I don’t use keystrokes, I allow the auto-save as that seems the most practical, and easy - well for me at least. I’m not sure about the templates as I’ve never used one, so I don’t know how they work. It’s certainly possible, not having the most exemplary keyboard skills on the planet, that I created another binder but I don’t think I did.

I’ve opened the most recent back up and the work is there, thank goodness but now under “Recent Projects” both projects appear and Scrivener appears to default to the text-light version. So if I ‘Clear Projects’ and open Scrivener again I get the deleted version and have to search out the backup, which is just a little irritating.

I was wondering about just deleting Scrivener, reinstalling and starting afresh, or failing that moving everything over to Word.

When you restore from backup, rename it so you know it’s the backup. If it is okay and you want to continue from the backup, delete what used to be your latest version and then rename the backup back to the old name and go on working.

Thank you lunk, and sorry for the late reply.

That sounds the most practical thing to do. Much appreciated.