How do I revert to pre-v3 Scrivener?

I have lost the ability to collaborate with my Windows-based writing partner. I have, unfortunately, only recently realized this is an issue and I’ve converted a number of our shared Scrivener projects.

How do I revert those v3 projects to an earlier version?

Please note: If there isn’t a way to do this, I will have no choice but to export all of our collaboration content to some other platform and walk away from Scrivener. :frowning:… I really don’t want to have to do that.

V3 can export to a Windows compatible. I believe it’s under Export menu, select v2 format.

To supplement what JimRac has said—you can read about exporting as a Scriv2 project in the Manual at section 3.4.4.

[There’s no reason to walk away. You can work back and forth between the versions, or you can use Scriv2 for the collaboration. Your version 3 license entitles you to also run version 2. They can coexist on the same machine (rename one to avoid confusion).]