How do I save my Scrivener files to my external hard drive?

I’ve tried to save my Scrivener file to my external hard drive, but I must be doing something wrong.

Doc and Project notes show up as RTM. All good.

But the binder won’t save - messages are file.binder backup cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents. Details. Microsoft Office cannot open this file because some parts are missing or invalid. ? :open_mouth:

I’m using windows 7. Thanks for you help!

It sounds like you’re trying to open the project in Word, rather than in Scrivener, which could just be a problem with how your file associations are set up. Are you trying to save your active project to an external drive so that you can work on it from there or are you just trying to make a backup of the project? If the latter, simply use File > Back Up > Back Up To… from within the project to create a backup copy, choosing the external drive as the location (probably you’ll want to create a dedicated “Backups” folder or such on the drive to keep these organised). This won’t affect the working version of the project, which will still be saved wherever you created it–e.g. in your user Documents folder–so you’ll still access that as normal, but you’ll have the backup copy on your other drive. You can also choose to save the backup as a compressed .zip file, in which case you’ll need to extract the project from the archive before you can open it in Scrivener, should you ever need to restore from that backup (either right-click the zipped folder and choose “Extract All” or double-click the folder and then drag out the .scriv folder to another location).

In general I’d recommend against keeping the live project on the external drive and working directly from there, since it’s bound to be slower than working locally, but if you wanted to try it, close the project in Scrivener and then in your file browser just drag the entire project folder, with the .scriv extension, to your external drive. So for instance if your project is currently saved in your Documents folder and is called “My Great Novel”, you’d find the “My Great Novel.scriv” folder in Documents and move that to your external drive. The first time you open the project in Scrivener after moving it, you’ll need to use the File > Open menu in Scrivener or double-click the “project” file directly from the external drive. The project will then be added back to the Recent Projects shortcut list for convenient access.

Thanks so much for the information. It helped a lot. I was making it too difficult, and I’m having no problem saving now. I’ll use the external drive for backup only. :slight_smile: Nancy