How do I send to an editor who's not using Scrivener?

Hey Guys & Gals,

Working on my first book in Scrivener and have officially completed the first draft.

I need to send the document to a few individuals for Editing.

The individuals will either be using Word, OpenOffice Writer, or Google Docs.

How would I send them the file, and then import their changes back into the document?

Thanks a ton!

Richard Matthews

Scrivener is an organizing and drafting tool.
Eventually you compile, export the draft, and switch to a word-processor.
For sharing with editors, you want to track changes and compile variants.
And do all the final-formatting stuff, like headers, etc.
Most likely you will use Word or OpenOffice.
Although Nisus Writer Pro and Pages are fine, too.

Thanks. I had the same question. However, when I export the book to a Word document it gives one separate document for each scene instead of one document for the whole book. I end up with about 60+ word documents. Is there a way to compile the whole book automatically into one document? Thanks in advance. J-P

Hi JPZac. The process you’re looking for is File > Compile.

If you haven’t used the compile tools much, you might want to check out our 4-part series titled “Getting Your Work Out” on the Mac tutorial videos page.

Those four videos will show using the built-in compile formats as well as accessing the compile designer panel to customize your settings. You might find seeing that process demonstrated is helpful.

The Tutorial also has some documents about the compile process. And, Chapters 23 and 24 in the Scrivener manual go into detail on the settings and customization process. You can access a PDF copy of the manual from the Help menu. That is also where you can access the Tutorial.

I personally like using the Tutorial as a testing space for a number of Scrivener features, including testing out the compile tools and options. That way, I can experiment with different compile formats and output files without using my own work. If I get settings wrong in the Tutorial, I can delete the flawed one and get a new copy from the Help menu.