How do I set a font for document so it stays?

I’m trying to change the font in a document. I keep doing select all but if I type a new line it goes back to the New Times Roman. Where do I change it permanently? I want the whole document in one font.Thank you.

A bit of background may be helpful here…

Scrivener uses the concept of a ‘default’ format for paragraphs – it’s what you get if you open a new project, create a new document and just start typing. If you don’t do anything else you’ll always get this ‘default’ paragraph format. The format includes everything from font to indents / line spacing everything.

[If you look in the Style drop down list in the format bar, you’ll see this default formatting is called ‘No Style’ – that’s because it’s intended to be the basis for almost every paragraph in the project. If you want a paragraph to be something different (eg a Heading), you apply a Heading style on top of the default. ]

That’s the basics: to change the default formatting you have two options:

If you want to change the default formatting for every project and every new document from now on, then go to Preferences > Editing > Formatting. You’ll see a dummy text box, with formatting tools. Change the appearance of the text there to your needs (to change the font, click on the Aa button).

If you want to change the default for new documents in this project only, then go to Project Settings > Formatting and you’ll see the same dummy formatting.

You’ll notice that I’ve said ‘for every new document’ – that’s because this isn’t retrospective. The new default format will only take hold when you create a new document or project.

To convert existing documents to the new default format, select them all in the Binder, then go to Documents > Text to Default Formatting… and you’ll be given a set of options about which elements you want to convert.

NB this process is irreversible, so test it first to make sure you understand what’s going to happen.

BTW, this and an awful lot of very useful stuff is covered in the interactive tutorial (on the Help menu). If you haven’t already, then please take a look at it. It will take about an hour to skim through and it will give you an overview of the basic ideas behind Scrivener – it will mean you’ll have a much easier time understanding why things work the way they do.

Hope this helps…