How do I set compile options permamently

I am writing some technical documents in Scrivener, and I am compiling frequently, trying to get the software to format the output (word) the way I want (NOT easy). Tables that look normal in Scrivener are oversized and off the page in word, and I can’t figure out how to get layout, etc. under control. I wish I could write a CSS file to determine complile behavior - it would be easier.

My chief frustration is that I have to go through the entire compile options menu and reset the options every time I compile. Is there a way to set all of the formatting and compile options PERMANENTLY, so I don’t have to waste any more time with this?

Have you looked under ‘format as:’ > ‘manage compile format presets’?

You can also hold alt in the compile screen and the ‘compile’ button becomes a ‘save’ button, although IIRC that doesn’t actually save a preset, it just saves a sort of temporarily held ‘custom’ settings, so if you then switch to a different preset it’ll drop all the changes to the compile settings unless you save it as a preset first.

That is just what I needed - I created my own format, and I can update it, and it “sticks” - perfect!

Now how to do I keep the compile from obliterating my font and font size selections and putting everything in “courier”?

I should note that I am aware that I can click on “compile as is” for each of the documents, but this does not work for creating the structured document with its numbered headers and subheaders, so I am looking for a way to preserve font and font size without using “compile as is”.

As you note, “As-Is” is more for spot exclusions than a global adjustment tool. You only need to hit one checkbox if you want to use the compiler to print your titles, but not mess with your content formatting. In the Formatting compile option pane, uncheck “Override text and notes formatting” at the very top. The mock editor in the lower half should go grey-text (save for the titles which you can continue to edit the formatting of).

Perfect - only the headings and subheadings were going to courier, but those I could change! So it really is possible to do structured documents in Scrivener - yay!

Thank you all for your help!

Scrivener is an exhibition of extraordinary genius in its concept and architecture, but some “features” of it, to me, are comparable to a fabulous mansion showing no entrance door unless you know to go around back to the gardening shed, lift the third rock to the right of the birdbath, whisper “Rosebud” into the concealed microphone, tip the gardener, and hold your mouth just the right way when you go back around to the front. Then the door appears—but it demands to know if you really want to enter.

This issue raised in this thread is one of them.

Is it really that difficult to have a simple button that allows a user to save a custom preset, and to easily save changes to it, without having to go through the tedium of finding “Manage Compile Format Presets” in one of several drop-down menus, selecting “Update…” from the window that then pops up, answering Scrivener’s demand to know if you really, truly want to “Overwrite the selected compile format preset with the current compile settings,” then finally clicking “Okay”—just to change a separator, for instance, or a font for output and make it in your custom preset.

And if you don’t like that font change? Well, just change it—but then you better go around back to the gardening shed, lift the third rock…

Just don’t use tables in Scrivener. Just…don’t…! I know we will be told that Scrivener depends on the Apple environment for tables, but the fact is that tables in Scrivener SUCK :imp: .

I use Scrivener on a 13" MacBook Pro. Somehow, tables always get crunched up. Cells get pushed up against each other. Text suddenly appear outside the table…aaarrrhgh!

Perhaps the layout is better on a large screen Mac. For me, better to use something else.