How do I set the Alternate/External Editor(s)?

When I right-click on a text in the binder, the option Open > appears in the middle of the menu with suboptions “In Alternate Editor”, “With All Subdocuments >”, and “In External Editor.” Nothing happens when I click on any of these. Feature not implemented yet? Or is there a way to edit Settings\ui.ini to identify Alternate/External editors? I’d like to open the text in MS Word, occasionally, for grammar corrections.

Yes the same here. If I hit the “open … in external editor” - nothing happens.

I like to open some images in a graphic editing prog; or a pdf in Adobe.

So, repeating the question: How do I set the External Editor(s)?

Scrivener 1.6b
Windows Vista

I would like to know that too. Since Scrivener for Windows doesn’t have an option to change paper color I would like to open text in WriteMonkey or Q10 when I write. Is it possible? Thank you.

Same here - I work with some odd file types now and then; I’d love for these to open up in the program that generated them.

EDIT: I’ve logged this in the bug hunt forum - IMO Scrivener should give some feedback regardless of if editors have been set or not.

… still no answer?

The bug of it not working at all seems to have been fixed in the latest beta - I don’t think you can set external editors though, it just uses the windows default.