how do i set the template folder

I am wanting to use templates but get a message that the templates folder has not been set - there is templates folder that has been created during the install process, but it seems scrivener has not pointed itself to it

thanks, Greg

There are actually two different kinds of “template” in Scrivener terms; Project Templates and Document Templates.

The first is where you set up the initial set of folders, keywords, blank documents, and anything else you might do before actually adding in documents specific to a book or paper. You then save that project as a template so that when you go to start a new book/other writing project, you have a customized starting point, tailored to your needs.

Document templates are set up in a project. You designate a folder in that project as your templates folder, and then you put documents in there that reflect different starting points different kinds of documents. For instance, there are “character sketch” documents, which have boilerplate text that gives you specific spots to fill in character appearance and background details. You can also set a keyword or other metadata on a template (Status: Rough Draft, for instance).

So, if you want to create documents that start with some special setting already in place, you have to first designate one of the folders in your project as the Templates folder by selecting it and using the Project->Set Selection as Templates Folder. If your project already has a folder named “Templates”, it’s possible that something happened that stripped away its designation as the document templates folder, so you may need to set it again using the menu.

If you want to prepare for your next series of novels so you don’t have to tweak the “Novel with Parts” template every time you create a new project, then you use the File->Save As Template menu. One of those tweaks might be to set up a document templates folder.

thanks for that explanation. I followed your instructions without much success until I figured out that one accesses the templates via the File> New Project menu. I was using the File>Open menu and File>Import and also not understanding the purpose of the categories in the New Project window. Cleared up now - very much a rookie error

thanks, Greg

I’m glad you were able to figure it out, despite my explanation. :unamused: I had assumed you were trying to create your own custom template, not start a new project from a template. Happy Scrivening!