How do I start at top of page

If I jump from one text to another (in the same project) I always end up somewhere in the middle of the text. I would like to start at the top of the page. Probably some setting that I changed. But which?

I think Scrivener remembers where you were in each document, and next time you open it you go to the same place you were before. I’ve had a look in Preferences and can’t see anything to change this behaviour.

You will probably have to use your ‘Home’ key to go to the top, or else remember to do that before you leave a document so it will be at the top next time.

If your cursor always ends up about half-way down the page, maybe you have “typewriter mode” on. There might be a toolbar icon to toggle it in your setup, or you can search the menus (using the Help menu’s search function) for “typewriter” to turn it off.

I think ScriverTid is right. So i guess have to get used to it. Thx!

Yup, that’s definitely something you have to get used to, there is no preference to disable that form of persistence. It’s all around the most efficient assumption to make given how Scrivener encourages working in small chunks of text. If you’re zipping around through the six or whatever files it takes to comprise your chapter, it would be very annoying to be losing your place from one minute to the next. Imaging copying a sentence from a file, clicking somewhere to paste it, then hitting Cmd-[ to return to where you were… nope, you’d have to find your place again without this behaviour.

In terms of efficiency, you could choose to set the cursor to a predetermined spot before leaving the file, that doesn’t actually save you any effort though since with the same amount of effort you can move the cursor when you come back. The advantage of working that way is that (a) you don’t have to remember to do something when you’re “on the way out the door”, and (b) you don’t have to anticipate with a great level of accuracy what your intentions will be once you return. Maybe you’ll want the cursor at the end of the file so you can keep writing—so you end up moving it twice.

Ah, that makes sense. Good to know, makes it less frustrating. Thx!

If you use a Magic Mouse and you don’t already - get yourself a copy of BetterTouchTool, which expands greatly the number, scope and variety of gestures you can make as there are no buttons. For example, a single tap top left of my mouse is a ‘Home’ key, while a double tap is ‘End’ key. Very useful when using the standard Mac keyboard.