How do I sync between different versions?

I have the latest osx version(3.2.x) of scrivener installed on a Mac and the latest version(3.1.x) for windows installed on my laptop. I started the project on my Mac which is running a higher version, and when trying to open the project on windows, I’m getting the error “this project was created with a more recent version… please upgrade”.

I’ve search the forum on how to deal with this, but the one topic I did find has a dead link to the solution.

Any thoughts on how to address this?

Hello tonyevans. Welcome to the forum.

How are you attempting to sync between your computers? Are you using a cloud storage option like Dropbox or OneDrive? If so, which are you using?

We have a Knowledge Base article about using Scrivener with cloud-syncing services that you might find helpful.

And, if you’re concerned about syncing causing issues, we also have suggestions for alternative methods for syncing your projects.

And, this link provides some tips on working across both platforms.

If those links don’t resolve the issue, please let me know which cloud server you’re using so I can offer more specific recommendations.

I’m using OneDrive. I’ve read through all those docs and can’t find anything that related to the specific issue I’m having which seems to be an issue between the two versions.

The error you’re receiving is one that I tend to see in help tickets when the syncing either isn’t allowed to complete or when a cloud server decides to split some of Scrivener’s internal files from the project’s “file package.”

I’d suggest starting with a test of the Interactive Tutorial before committing your main, working projects to this syncing process.

I’m suggesting the Tutorial test because it’s a reasonably complex project, so you’ll get a sense of how long syncing your actual projects might take. And, since the Tutorial can easily be reset, you can’t really break it or lose data.

You can access the Tutorial via Scrivener’s Help menu on either the Mac or PC. When you open it, Scrivener will ask you to name the project and select a Save location for it. Please place it within the OneDrive folder where you’re planning to store your working projects.

Then, you’ll need to close the project on that first computer and allow OneDrive time to sync it to its cloud storage. Once the syncing shows it’s complete, try opening that project on your other computer.

You may find that you’ll need to tell OneDrive to actually download the Tutorial from its cloud storage to get it to open correctly on the second computer.

If you can add a document and some text and sync it back, that will be a good first step to confirm that OneDrive is actually set up correctly on both the PC and the Mac.

From there, you can then replicate those steps with one of your less-important projects to see if it’s working correctly.

Okay, I tried your suggestions and I’m still having the same problem. I’ve also got onedrive set to keep the files locally instead of “cloud only”.


That dialog box is from Windows Scrivener version 1.9.x Click Help-About Scrivener and you should see something like this:
Screenshot 2022-03-15 000839

Try opening the other Windows Scrivener version and you should have no issues.
Screenshot 2022-03-15 001149

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Well, dang. I know I installed scrivener a long time ago, but i recently downloaded and installed the newer version. I don’t know what’s going on now. I’ll check it again when I get home. My guess is that you’ve put your finger on problem. Thanks for the help! I’ll report back later.