How do I Title a Snapshot

I’ve written many chapters and just learned about the Snapshot feature in a webinar. I’m glad to have a way to keep the older version. I cannot figure out how to get a Title for that snapshot. It shows a date but I don’t know how to say “Version 1” or “Draft 2” etc.

I have Chapter names in my binder. Are those considered the Title of the snapshot?

Choose ‘Snapshot with Title’ from the menu, or modify your icon bar to include the icon for that, or use the Shortcut you find by the menu entry — if there is one for Windows.

‘Snapshot with Title’ asks you for a title before it takes the snapshot.

Snapshots are of individual binder documents, not the whole draft, and can be viewed in the inspector when that document is open. They already have date and time as a title, but you can add more by the above. I use it when collaborating at the end of editing a document, giving it my name; I hope my collaborator remembers to do the same, giving it her name — if she forgets, I take one myself before I start editing, giving it her name. That way we have a record of the changes and contributions made by each of us as we go along.

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You can rename a snapshot in the inspector as well as titling it when you create it. The camera icon in the bottom of the inspector pane will show you the snapshots for whatever document currently has the focus. In the inspector, you should see two fields: Date and Title, and you can sort by either one.

Thank you very much. In Windows It is a pull down under Documents. There is a “Take Snapshot” and a “Take Snapshot with Title.” The latter click opened a window where I could type in a Title. It’s easy when you know where to look! Now I’m ready to Title my chapter saves and share with my proof reader.

Ctrl+Shift+5 is the default shortcut for taking a snapshot with a title. You can also add this to the main toolbar if that’s more convenient for you. Tools > Customize Toolbars… and then choose the “Main Toolbar” from the set at the top to see the button options on the left.

And as Robert said, if you’ve already taken snapshots and want to go back and title them, just double-click in the snapshot’s title field (where it probably says just “Untitled Snapshot”) and you can edit it.

Many thanks! I learned the shortcut keys and also how to retitle after the snapshot was taken. Working much better now. I didn’t find anything in the toolbar about snapshots but I did find other items I was happy to add.

Again, thank you for your wonderful suggestions.

The icons are there. You have to switch to the “Main Toolbar” section, which is confusingly in the upper right corner of the Tools->Customize Toolbars pop-up window. There are just the two selections; “Format Toolbar” and “Main Toolbar”. Selecting “Main” will change the list on the left, which is where you’ll find the “Take Snapshot” icons. Select the one you want, click the blue right-arrow between that pane and the “Current Toolbar Actions” pane, and then use the down arrow to move the snapshot icon to where you want it.

:smiley: I didn’t catch that Main Toolbar tip in previous instructions. So much to learn in Scrivener but each bit makes writing easier. That “Titled Snapshot” is now in its proper place on my toolbar.
Each person who answered has added to my knowledge. My thanks to all!