How do I turn off the tuturial?

I downloaded beta 2.1, opened the tutorial in the Help tab, but now the program is always in tutorial mode and there is no way to turn it off. How do I turn off the tutorial so I can start importing and working on my novel?

Thank you

I just tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program, and it opens right back up with the tutorial open. This is very disappointing. version 1.9 did not do this.

What a shame, this seems like a nice program and easy to use. Unfortunately all you can do with this version is read through the tutorial, and never get to use the program itself.

What’s happening here is that when you create a new tutorial from the Help menu, Scrivener creates a real project for you. It’s just like you were working in your own project from that point onward. By default, whenever you open Scrivener it will automatically load any projects you’ve been working on recently, saving you the step of finding them and opening them. Since the tutorial is just another project, it’s opening it for you. To stop this, just select File/New Project... from the tutorial window, and create your novel project using one of the templates, or just blank if you prefer. Once the new window comes up, you can switch back to the tutorial window using your taskbar and close it. Now the next time you fire up Scrivener it should be ignored.

If you want, it is safe to delete the tutorial .scriv project from your hard drive, too. If you ever need it again, you can generate a fresh copy from the Help menu.

Re-installing won’t do anything because again this isn’t a mode, it’s a preferred project it keeps opening for you, and that is saved in your options files, not the application itself.

I should also point out that if you don’t like how Scrivener opens projects for you automatically, you can disable that in the General options tab (Edit menu).

Hi, and welcome!

The tutorial is just a Scrivener project. All you need to do is go to File/New Project to start your own project, and you can close the Tutorial.

By default Scrivener is set to reopen recently closed projects when it launches, which is why you keep seeing it when you start Scrivener. So you may want to go into Edit/Options and in the General tab deselect “Open recent projects on program launch”. You might also want to select “show start panel when there are no projects open”, which will prevent Scrivener from quitting if you have only one project open and close that project (which may have happened to you when trying to close the Tutorial).

EDIT: Double answer!

Just to be clear on the bit about Scrivener opening recent projects… If you select File->Close Project and then quit scrivener, the next time you launch Scrivener, it will NOT open that project automatically. If you leave a project open and select Scrivener->Quit Scrivener from the menu, the next time you launch the program, it will open the project or projects that you had left open.

That’s how it works on the Mac; on Windows, it actually reopens the most recently opened project, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve closed it.