How do I undo deleted Scrivener tutorial material?

Well, here’s the scoop…
Recently a local News station approached me for an interview about my “hobby”. (later…thanks)
For a few years now I’ve wanted to write a book about it so others could get involved.
I asked the News rep if they would mind waiting until I got the book written so I could talk about it & get others involved. Affirmative was the reply.

I’ve never written a book. Nor could I pass a basic English course. I’ve no formal education.
To make matters easier I bought an iMac & Scrivener. (Am considering Dragon Dictate.)
I need to learn them both & write a book ASAP. : )

My question is this: (i hope you laugh)
How do I restore material I deleted in the Scrivener tutorial?
What’s it take to get it back to the original form?

When you created the Tutorial project, you saved a copy somewhere on your drive–probably in your Documents folder, but you may have selected somewhere else. Just go to this location in Finder and delete the project’s .scriv file when the project is closed in Scrivener. Then you can create a fresh Tutorial project from the New Project panel or via the Help menu.