How do I update Scrivener 2 project to Scrivener 3?

I have a Scrivener 2 project that needs to be updated to Scrivener 3. Keeps crashing.

When you open the old project with Scrivener 3, the app will save a safety copy of it and then convert the project to the new file format. So, really you just need to open it (in 3).

That’s my problem. That didn’t happen.

What did happen? Error message? Refused to open it at all? Data corruption?

No, it opens fine. When I’m editing, in composition mode, the screen is the same screen I use to see in Scrivener 2. Also, the project file crashes from time to time. I’m guessing the crashes are caused by the project file not being a Scrivener 3 project file.

If it opens fine, then either you are inadvertently opening it in Scrivener 2, or at some point Scrivener 3 successfully converted it. Scrivener 3 can’t do anything with a Scrivener 2 project except convert it. The Scrivener → About Scrivener command will tell you what version is actually running.

Composition Mode does look very similar between the two versions.

What does the crash report say?

To make sure yu are opening in Scrivener 3, you can do one of several things:

  1. control-click on the project file in Finder and under the Open With… pop-up menu item choose the Scriv 3 app. (You may have to choose Other… and navigate to it).

  2. drag your project file and drop it onto the Scriv 3 icon on the dock.

  3. you can also drop a project file directly on the Scriv 3 app icon.

  4. you can go to you Applications folder, control-click on your Scriv 2 app and choose Compress. This will zip up a copy of the version 2 app for safekeeping. Then throw out the version 2 app. Now there will be no available Scriv2 to open projects, so your operating system will try to open them with Scriv 3.

  5. etc.

Sorry none of these suggestions worked. I have a recent crash report and screen shots I can send, just can’t figure out how to attached them.

I can’t attach the crash report. The Composition Mode is different between several projects. Tried to attach them but no luck, just like the crash report.

What version of Scrivener do you have? As I said, the Scrivener → About Scrivener command will tell you.

To contact the L&L support team directly, open a support ticket, here: