How do I update without overwriting the old version?

This is dumb and I apologize. I have a previous registered version of Scrivener. I want to download the new update, but I don’t know when I am going to have the $$ to pay for the new version. I don’t want to “overwrite” my old version, just in case there is an overlap between the time the trial period expires and when I got the $$ to pay for the update. how can I go about doing this? Thanks and apologies for something I probably should know how to do but don’t.

The only paid update you have to worry about is the jump from version 1x to 2x. If your icon is rectangular and black and white, then you’ve got the old version and upgrading will have a small fee. Use the main Scrivener page to click on “Update from 1.0” and use your e-mail address to get your coupon.

If your icon is square and has a silver ‘S’ in it, then updates will be free for you until 3x comes along (and that won’t be any time soon). Worst case, if you do update over a copy and find out it’s not a free update, we always archive the last old version on our support page so you can roll back if you are aren’t ready to update.

Be aware, though, that 2.x uses a different project format from 1.54 (the last 1.x version). So you’ll need to compile or otherwise extract your files from 2.x projects in order to use them with 1.x.


Could I download a “full version” rather than an “update”, calling it scrivener2 or whatever, and not “rewrite” over the original version?

Absolutely. You’ll need to download the full version anyway, because the old one won’t update itself to 2.x. Depending on what you intend, I would name the version you intend to be “primary” as Scrivener, and the secondary one would be the one you change the name on. So if you are just wanting to test the new version for now, you could call it “Scrivener2” that would be fine. Just drag it to a temporary location first, like your Downloads folder, and once it copies, rename it, then drag it to Applications.

Or if you intend to transition and want to keep the old one around just in case (such as if you have a very huge project several gigabytes or larger that would be cumbersome to update right now), then rename that one and keep the new one as Scrivener.

But overall there is no problem with working this way. They use separate preferences and will not conflict.