How do I use Scrivener INSIDE of Dropbox?

Almost every time I click on a folder or file it says “download” or “share”. So I downloaded. I just now heard that I could cause problems like that. Where am I supposed to be working? Also, I’m on Mac’s goober Maverick OS. Please help!

Thank you!

Actually the precautions you’ve heard about pertain to installing Dropbox on the computer and having it automatically upload any Scrivener projects you put within its folder. The linked article outlines the risks, and a few very simple steps you can take to avoid them all.

To me it sounds like what you’re doing is primarily using the website to interface with Dropbox. In fact that will be safer. Assuming the whole project uploaded from the other computer, then downloading it from the site onto another computer would be very safe. This wouldn’t at all be related to what I was talking about in the prior paragraph.

As long as you are clicking on the “Something something my project.scriv” folder in the web browser and selecting the Download link, you should be fine. You don’t want to download only pieces of the project from within that folder. When you download the whole folder, you’ll get a zip file from Dropbox that you can double-click on once it finishes downloading. The project will appear beside the zip (which you can discard at that point, it’s just a container).

That sounds much better, thank you! However, that leads to another question: How do I get the work I’ve done to my collaborator? Do I have to upload the work I do and then, he download? What if he adds text to his Scrivener, how do I get it?

I’m soo, soo sorry for the follow up.

If I work from the DB thingy (and not the website), it automatically updates in his DB, right? So I’m doing this wrong, in that case?

No need for apologies! We’re here to help. :slight_smile:

Yes, installing the Dropbox software will make all of this so much easier. Really the thing that everyone raves about with this type of software is when you have it installed and it handles all of the downloading and uploading automatically for you. The website is more meant to be just a convenience for when you aren’t around your linked computers.

That is correct, but only when the two Dropbox accounts are connected via a “shared folder”. That is one thing you do need to use the website for, at least on a Mac. What I recommend is creating a shared folder for your collaborator inside the Dropbox folder, once you have Dropbox installed and there is a folder for you to use (it will set all of that up). They will receive an e-mail with a link to click to confirm, and once they do that anything you put into that folder will automatically be updated on their computer and vice versa. Hence, putting your project in this folder means you both have instant access to the latest work.

Just make sure to share the article I linked to before, with them, so that you can both follow the rules. The software will warn you if you try to open the project while they have it open, so heed those warnings if you see them. But it can’t be aware of the upload or download state of a project—that is happening outside of Scrivener. If it is still transferring to or from a computer, the project shouldn’t be opened and the computer shouldn’t be shut down.