How do I use the Scrivener 3 (Windows) compile processing options with pandoc?

I have asked this question in the Markdown and Latex forum but I’m going to ask it here, too. I couldn’t find anything that made it plain for me in the Windows manual, so my question is how do I configure the Scrivener compile processing options for use with pandoc? This is what I have, but it does nothing except export a .md file. it works if I use it in a Windows cmd window. Pandoc is in my Windows path environment variable. I have tried the command line arguments with and without various configurations of quotation marks.

My solution for now: I switched from the Pandoc installer to the Pandoc zip file release, moving the installation to C:\Pandoc. I updated the Windows Path environment to reflect this change. And I created a set of Windows batch scripts to handle basic Pandoc conversions for me by “drag-n-drop”. Not as elegant as using the Scrivener compiler options but it gets the job done, and I’m satisfied I can get my writing out of Scrivener as I want it. Getting Scrivener to compile a document to .docx with Heading Styles intact via compile to .docx or .rtf is “hit-and-miss” for me. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Meaning that it’s likely there is something I don’t understand properly yet. But compiling to MultiMarkdown and using Pandoc via batch script gives me .docx, .epub, .odt and .pdf files with bookmarks and heading styles every time.

Hello, I’m in a similar boat. I’ve gotten the pandoc to .docx compile format to work, but only almost. Placeholders for figures don’t work and I get square brackets around citations in footnotes.