How do I view three docked documents at once?

I’m after a screen split vertically, and then one of them split again, horizontally.

I’ve managed this before (screenshot attached) but have messed it up by accidentally hitting a hotkey.

Maybe I opened the third one as a Quick Reference Window… but how on earth did I dock it?

Scrivener 3, Windows

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Left pane: (Main) Editor
Upper center pane: Split / Second Editor
Lower center pane: Copyholder
Right pane: Inspector Comments & Footnotes

I’m not sure about the Windows shortcuts*, but if the right editor has focus (cursor blinks inside of it), you can right-click any document in the Binder and Open… in Copyholder (that should appear below the right editor). Does this help?

(* One of those moments when I miss @Vincent_Vincent.)

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That was it! Thank you
It wasn’t a Quick Reference Window after all, but Copyholder.

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Great. BTW: Both (split) editors can have their own independent copyholders, so you could… “dual wield” them, I guess.

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