How do I ...

… eliminate the red line underneath a spelling error?

I am working on a first draft. I am wanting to eliminate distractions, to get a train of thought down on a very long work. I don’t care if I misspell words or not, or grammer, or anything of the sort. I just want to get it down, and have Scrivener function like my IBM Selectric II, and simply write. No edit. No spell check. No grammer. No distractions of flashing or red lines telling me I need to go back and fix something. I’ll handle that in the second draft. I just need to rock and roll on this first draft and get it out.

I have gone through preferences, unmarked spell and grammer check. At this point, is there a setting I have missed? Or something that I haven’t thought of? Thank you for your time and trouble.


I think I found it. Shutting it off has more to do with the global settings of the laptop than I imagined. Disabling spellcheck in Word seemed to help also. Strange.