How do people get through Submittable from their Iphone/Ipad? I'm having trouble .

I thought I’d figured out yesterday that if I Saved Documents to the Files from within Scrivener on the iPhone (I don’t appear to have that option on the old iPad mini I own) I’d be able to choose them for Submittable rom the ICloud Drive/desktop option in the Finder, but that’s not working today, so I guess not.

Would this all be easier if I were working on the MacBook Air? With the Scrivener upgrade? Or a new iPad? I have an old mini. Or a new iPhone? I have a 6s. These last two options are not something I am ready to pursue, but I’d still like to know.

I mayneed a new iPad, but I rarely use the one I already have for anything but typing into Scrivener. I use the phone 98% of the time.

Thanks for all your help.

Yes, all file operations will be easier on the MacBook Air, if only because Mac OS allows you to see exactly where things are. The iOS Files app is like looking at the file system through a keyhole, while Mac OS lets you open the door and walk right into the room.


Thanks, I guess that settles it. I’ll buy the upgrade. I’ve just spent an hour on this. Even upgrading Pages on the MacBook Air didn’t help. Time for lunch.

Note that the Scrivener 3 trial allows 30 days of actual use. There’s no need to buy the upgrade just to test this particular workflow.