How do we make a feature request for Scrivener?

I’m sorry to ask, but I’ve poked around the forum and can’t figure out how to put in a feature request. Is there a way to do that?

Wishlist, like you just did here.
Just edit your message into a feature request, I’ll delete mine.
Note that if the feature already exists in the Mac version, no point in this case asking for it. If you are not sure, search the forum. If you are still not sure after that? ask away.
There is no voting system or anything the likes.
You’ll only be bringing your wish to the devs attention.
The more details (why you want it or can’t live without :wink: ) the better.


Thanks, Vincent. I’ll delete this thread and make a Wishlist posting re the scrolling thing. Thanks!

Well, it’s not letting me delete this thread. It’s saying I haven’t posted enough. Sorry.

No worries.
I moved it to the “general” section of the forum.
It’ll be there if newcomers to the forum ever wonder the same.


Sounds good. Thanks, Vincent.

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