how do you add research links to final document

I am researching and writing up preliminary episode outlines for a documentary tv series, I want to add content from the research folder, like the website links that I used, to the final research/report that I create in word to present to the producers. I’m on a deadline. What is the best and fastest way for me to do this? And how should I set things up in the future so that this can happen more automatically?

It’s hard to give a definitive answer, since the Research folder can contain a wide range of formats, including files that you wouldn’t want to include in your output document.

The quick and dirty solution would be to use Scrivener’s Export Files command to export the research materials to a folder, and include that folder with your presentation. Put an Appendix in your Word file explaining the contents of that folder.

For web resources, a more elegant solution would be to treat it like an academic paper, adding citations and links to sources as you go. For other materials, it’s hard to say without knowing what exactly you’re thinking of. I wouldn’t recommend shoving a 5 GB video into the middle of a Word file!


Thank you, I’m mainly going to be adding website links, perhaps an occassional main page, and hyperlinks in the case of videos. Do I need additional software to add these links as citations? Can I add them if I only have and use word and scriverner? I’m trying not to have to get and learn a whole new softward in order to do this

You can just highlight a word or phrase, and use Edit->Add Link and then put in the URL to the website. I’m pretty sure that hyperlinks survive compile to RTF & Word, though I’d try just adding one link and testing that hypothesis.

thanks, I’ll give it a try