How do you change the palette for Text Colour NOT Highlight

I VERY much like being able to color the text I write with different colors (NOT Highlight where the color is in the space around the text).

The Manual describes how to add new color to the Scrivener color palette which I gather gives you choices for highlighting. However section 16.3 in the Manual “Text Colour and Highlights” is not yet written.
How do I add to the palette used for text coloring — the box in the ruler bar to the left of the (default yellow) highlight box?

The little box to the left of the highlight colour box, in the format ruler, is where you can set up coloured text. Just right-click on that to select a different colour. Adding new colours is much more simple than the document I gather you read, which is a more advanced technique for renaming the highlight colours from “Yellow Marker” and what have you, to something more meaningful. For just standard text colours, I would just create favourites in the colour palette by dragging swatches down into the gridded area. You’ll need to slide it open if it isn’t already. Scrivener uses all of the swatches you save down there in both of these menus.