How Do You Compile a Short Story?


I’m trying to compile to a short story format but feeling a bit lost.

I started the project as a short story, so I have the Short Story template. I even see a very nicely formatted example PDF in the binder. However, when I go to compile I don’t see Short Story as an option.

When I click Compile, under Format As I see:

Non-Fiction (with Sub-Heads)
Non-Fiction Manuscript Format
Non-Fiction with Sub-Heads (Hierarachical)
Novel Standard Manuscript Format
Times 12 pt with Bold Folder Titles

I’ve looked at each of the available options and the closest is Novel, but it is different, creating chapters and such.

I Googled this question and found a great blog post that implied there is a Short Story format but the post didn’t show it or say how to get to it.

I also searched this forum and didn’t see it, so I apologize if it’s been asked and answered.

I am using Windows 7 and Scrivener


Most of the templates have unique compile settings that are not listed separately in the “Format As” list, as that would rather clutter the list up with a lot of stuff you probably aren’t interested in. Since you’ve already tried applying other presets, the original settings from the template are probably lost, however it’s easy to get them back—just create another project from the Short Story template somewhere temporary like the Desktop, go into the compile settings for it, and use the “Save Preset” button along the bottom (make sure to expand the compile interface with the blue arrow first). Now you should see the short story preset in the “Format As” list, under whatever name you gave it, when you try to compile from the original project. You can discard the one you made on the Desktop at this point.


When I clicked Save Preset I had to name it, so I called it Short Story and sure enough, it now appears as an option back in my original project.

I’ve been using Scrivener for several years (since it was in beta for Windows), but I was working on a novel that is still unfinished.

I’ve written some short stories, so it’s the first I’ve had to compile. Seems like it will take some getting used to.

But thanks again. I’d never have figured it out without your help.