How do you copy graphics out of a Scrivener file?

I’ve been doing research for what I’m writing using Scrivener to take notes, copy in pictures and so forth. Now I want to take some of the pictures from my Scrivener files and copy them to a graphics program to crop a section to stick someplace else. I thought copy and paste would work but it doesn’t and right clicking to “edit photo” just seems to give me the ability to resize it and nothing else. And I haven’t made sense of where Scrivener squirrels the graphics away so I can’t just copy it from there.

How do I do this?

If you ever need to get stuff out of Scrivener, then File/Export/Files... is your friend. :slight_smile: The “Edit Photo” is just to adjust its display size and name (but the name part is more advanced, you generally don’t have to worry about it unless you’re hand-tuning ePub files or HTML.

However, you may also want to note that if the only reason you’re trying to export is to crop the picture, you might prefer to use Documents/Open/with External Editor. That will open it in your default application for handling the picture type. You can edit files straight out of the Binder.