How do you customise OS X like this?

Looking through my Google alerts I came across this screenshot of Scrivener: … 731282333/

I see a lot of screenshots of customised OS X interfaces in one of the Mac mags (I can’t remember which), and I’ve always wondered: how is this done? I know you can get programs to skin the UI, but the above example is extreme, with a background image overriding all of the custom graphics I’ve programmed into Scrivener. It looks mighty cool, too.

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Wow, I have never seen anything like that either. Particularly interesting how the background graphic overflows all boundaries, all the way up into the OS X window handlebar. The last time I tried ShapeShifter it couldn’t do anything like that, and it made my system crash several times a day.

Might I suggest that this is a watermark image?

The other option is an overlay. Think transparent screen over the desktop. I know you can do this in X11. Been a long time since I did it though.

No useful answers just some ideas to explain what you see.

Problem with the watermark theory is the full screen with HUD displayed screenshot (third in the list). The area where the image overlaps the HUD could just be further Photoshop work, but note the image does not overlap the widgets in the HUD, like it appears to overlap everything else.

I think the overlay theory is best. Something similar to how Nocturne tints the screen, running alongside a more traditional theme engine like ShapeShifter.

Though, you would think an overlay would impact the internal widgets on the HUD, too. Hmm.

I hadn’t heard of google alerts until now. It’s a neat idea. I have a unique combination of first and last name, which makes me extremely google-able. I’m still not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, but I’ve set up an alert for my name so that I’ll at least know what everyone else can find out.

Thanks, KB, for the (inadvertent) tip!

I commented on his photo, asking about the customization. Perhaps he’ll write back.

Don’t you just modify the files in the Resources folder in the .app?
I know that a few people do that for other apps… Never done it myself though.

Otherwise, there’s programs that’ll modify some of the core files of Mac OSX.

You can overlay an image and set it too always on top with geektool ( achieve that look…

It says its for panther or tiger but it works perfectly well for leopard as well (some people have reported problems…my only issues were resolved by channging refresh times on the scripts). It can display a wide variety of image types as well as files and terminal outputs. You could overlay and image with transparency like that