How do you drag from Scapple to Scrivener?

I have seen it written in various places about that you can drag from Scapple to Scrivener, but I cannot figure out how to do that. I am using a macintosh. . . how does one go about doing this dragging? Sorry if this is a dumb question, but when I’m in my file in Scapple, I cannot seem to drag it anywhere. TY

Have you updated to the latest version of Scrivener? You need to be running at least 2.4.1 for Scapple integration to work, as prior versions of Scrivener pre-date it. As for the details, you’ll find it all documented in §9.5 (starting pg. 68). Briefly though, you would drag a selection of notes into the Binder or a freeform corkboard. :slight_smile: