How do you enlarge the Synopsis box?

Yet another newb question (sigh) - sorry!

To me, the synopsis - at least for my first Scrivener project - is by far the most important component of the Inspector. I can scroll the contents, so I can write there as much as I want to.

However, I usually only create 2 - 5 lines more than can be seen without scrolling. For practical reasons I don’t want to scroll the synopsis every time, but for the life of me, I cannot see where you make it bigger. I would expect to be able to click on its baseline or bottom corner, and just drag it larger, but I don’t seem able to do that.

How do I make Synopsis larger (i.e. show more lines of text)?

You can already change the shape and size of index cards. Click on the little button at the bottom-right of the Corkboard that looks like four index cards for controls. You can make cards as big as your screen with the right settings.

Sorry, I didn’t make myself clear. I meant the Inspector’s Synopsis in Editor view, not Corkboard view.

I’ve just discovered that I can make the Inspector column wider by dragging to the left. That’s a partial solution, but what I’d like to do is make the Synopsis section bigger (at the expense of Document Notes) by dragging it DOWN.

Ah, yes, that will be improved in the future. As you note you can make the card larger by using more horizontal space for now. A smaller font may also help.