How do you get this thingie to work?

Hi there. Longtime Scrivener for Mac user here. Just downloaded Scrivener for iOS. Confused as heck. I’ve created an Apps/Scrivener folder in my Dropbox, and have uploaded a project file that Dropbox interprets as a .zip file. Yet when I try to synchronize Dropbox with Scrivener for iOS, nothing happens. What do I do next?

A couple of potential gotchas here:

  1. You mention “uploading” a project file. Did you do this through the Dropbox web interface? If so, that is not going to work – Scrivener projects, even though they are package files on a Mac, are a collection of a large number of inter-related files. The Mac OS package format hides that complexity for you by default, but it is still there under the hood, and Scrivener for iOS needs to see all the components the same way that Dropbox does.
  2. Did you install the Dropbox client on your Mac and logon with the same credentials? If so, then your Mac OS file system should now have a Dropbox\Apps\Scrivener fold underneath your user’s home folder. This folder is where you need to place your Scrivener projects that you want to sync to iOS. You will open your projects here, edit them, save them, and close them here. Then, the Dropbox client syncs all the component files and folders to the cloud, where they are ready and waiting for Scrivener for iOS to scan your Dropbox\Apps\Scrivener folder, see the expected project formats, and sync your projects down.
  3. You should never have to compress your live project files into a .zip file when you are using Dropbox sync. Scrivener for iOS has no idea how to look inside of a ZIP archive.

You can find a complete guide for setting up syncing to iOS Scrivener with Dropbox here: … g-with-ios

You can find a shorter guide focused on troubleshooting common errors with the process here: … os-syncing