How do you import style from existing project into new project?

I have been trying to import a style from a previous project. I’ve been able to find the import style function under the format tab but when I tried to search for a style “file” to import from a pre-existing project I am stumped. I tried searching on the Internet is been unsuccessful in finding any obvious explanations. I’m hoping somebody can give me some direction. Thank you for any help.

Format > Style > Import Styles… is the correct method. However, you’re not looking for a style file but simply the project containing the style you wish to import (i.e. a folder with a ‘.scriv’ extension). You’ll find full instructions in section 17.5 of the user manual.

Thank you that worked perfectly. (Section is 17.6) My issue was trying to find specific file inside the project folder rather than choosing the folder itself. I misunderstood.