How do you insert tooltips?

I have just seen this in a downloaded scrivener file - a tooltip pops up when I mouse over a highlighted piece of text.

How do you get this effect? How do you insert and edit the comment? Sorry if it’s obvious, but it’s something I’ve missed in a year’s use of Scriv.

The file, by the way, is Daniel Treadwell’s Series Development Bible, available here:

Go to ‘Format/Comment’.

Er, I don’t seem to have a menu entry Format/Comment.
Am on Windows, Scriv 1.2.5.
Scrivener - Origins_19.PNG

I didn’t see it on mine either…maybe the Mac version???

I forgot i’m using the beta ( If you can’t find it in the stable release then i bet it was added in a beta version.

Yes, inspector comments are only available in the beta at the moment. In 1.2.5 it is possible to view comments added to a project in a different version by hovering over the commented text, so e.g. if you had added these while working on the Mac, you would be able to read them on Windows, but they are not editable and new ones cannot be made. If you’d like to test the new functionality, you are welcome to download the beta from that section of the forum.