How do you know where you left lat time?


I’m writing a novel and are now at the stage of editing. But when I open up Scrivener in the morning , I find it hard to remember where I left last night.
I wish to have some kind of icon/bookmark that says “Start Here” and then it takes me right back to where I left last time.

Dose anyone know of such icon/bookmark? Or how do you do? Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Personally, I type “From here…” in blue text. :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s the first thing Scrivener shows when I reopen the Project, when this box is ticked:


One thing to be aware of is that, unless you left off while using Scrivenings mode, every document you work within will save the cursor position or selection, from the last time you used it. This goes for all of them, and since what you had visible in the editor when you close the project will be restored when you load it, that can even mean the cursor is left blinking right where you left it.

But if you do use Scrivenings, or want to place a more permanent marker, I recommend the Insert ▸ Inline Annotation command. Use that, then type in “[STOP]” or something sufficiently unique that you can search for it if you need to. Using annotations is nice because you can be rest assured these won’t end up in your output when you compile (unless you purposefully enable them to be added to the file). You may find them useful for all kinds of stopping points—maybe you’re in the middle of a section and think of something you need to work on elsewhere for a while, you can just jot down your thought process where you left off, so even if you come back after a few days, you should be able to pick it right back up.