How do you lock one window and view another chapter in other window?

Using ver 3 Beta, how do you lock one Chapter in one window and view other chapters in the other window?

If I spit the editor window such that I have the text from one chapter in the left window, I want to be able to use the right window and view other chapters? I’m guessing that this is “Lock in Place” but it doesn’t seem to exist in the current version.

If I click on the right window to select it and then click another chapter, the left window changes to the new selection. If I’m writing a chapter and need to check something in another chapter, I can’t seem to figure out how to lock the current chapter in one window and be able to select other chapters in the other window?

Hi lmariam,

What I’ve been doing lately is to use the Binder Selection Affects setting almost exclusively for this sort of thing. In your case, set it to Right Editor. (Navigate > Binder Selection Affects > Right Editor) Now the Binder will exclusively control the Right Editor. Then, to set your Left Editor, click anywhere inside it, then use the Navigate menu to Go To your desired document. (Navigate > Go To > select the doc). It’s more work to set your Left Editor this way, but no big deal since you’re going to leave it set to one doc for a while anyway.

But there are many others ways to approach this, so perhaps others will chime in with how they do it.

By the way, Lock in Place does work. To accomplish this, click anywhere inside the Left Editor and press Ctrl+Shift+L. The Left Editor header will turn red, indicating it is locked. (Lock in Place is a toggle, so Ctrl+Shift+L again will unlock it.) But I’ve found that using Lock in Place invariably requires also setting Binder Selection Affects, so I’ve stopped bothering with Lock in Place at all and, as mentioned above, rely on Binder Selection Affects almost exclusively. Depending on what I’m trying to accomplish, I may change Binder Selection Affects many times throughout a session.

Let me know if you have any other questions.