How do you organize your External Bookmarks within your Scrivener Project?

I’ve been wondering whether this post is a request for a new feature, or just for information on how to approach an issue using the existing Scrivener construct.

The issue is how to organize external (https:// …) URL Bookmarks in a Binder-like manner with a simple keystroke shortcut for quick access, all contained within the current project.

I’ve recently learned of the power of both Project and Document bookmarks, as well as how to create a link to chapter/section/subsection/…(s) using the [[<chapter_name>]] style nomenclature for linking.

I have thousands of external URL’s that I need quick and easy access to for both reference and research. I’ve already tried creating a separate project just to hold and organize those URL’s.

What I am looking for, however, is some way to have those external URL Bookmarks integrated within my main project file in a Binder-like format for just Bookmarks, with a keystroke shortcut for access, possibly incorporating the [[<chapter_name>]] style linking for easier and faster cross-referencing.

That is quite a laundry list of features. If there is some existing structure that will allow for such a collection of features (or something close to it), I would be forever grateful. My current system using a separate project to store all of my URL references is simply not working for me.

The Quick Reference feature for Bookmarks, coupled with the left-hand column of Project Bookmarks, is a close possible solution to what I am looking for. However, the left-hand column of Project Bookmarks lacks any section and subsection tiered structure capability (as far as I can tell) as well as the [[<chapter_name>]] style linking for easier and faster cross-referencing.

In light of the many wonderful responses on this forum in response to the question “How do you structure your Scriv projects?”, I’ve posted my question under the header: “How do you organize your External Bookmarks within your Scrivener Project?” to see what others may be doing to keep their external URL Bookmarks organized.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised in the past with what Scrivener has to offer, so I thought I’d ask if/how others may have approached the issue. All thoughts or comments are appreciated!

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Thousands of URLs? My solution is to use DevonThink Pro.

Thank you for the suggestion.

I am not familiar with DevonThink. How closely can it be integrated into my Scrivener project, e.g. can I include links such as the double-brackets ([[chapter]]) to connect a DevonThink item to some text in Scrivener?