How do you update Scrivener on a non-internet-PC ?

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m a german Scrivener user, and have purchased it only recently. I installed it twice - first on this PC with internet access, and then on my other PC without internet access (the one for writing without getting distracted by the internet).

Today I was asked to install the new update on the internet PC.
My question now (I searched both website and forum, but seem too blind to find an answer on my own) :

I want to update not just the version on the internet-PC but also the one on the non-internet-PC, so they’re on the same level, and there’s no difficulties/differences if I open my usb-stick-stored-files on either of them. How does one do that?
I couldn’t find a download-first-install-later-version of the update. Is there one, does one of you guys know a link? Or other advice how to do it? … taller.exe

There you go. That’s the link that gets updated, and you can find it on the homepage.