How do you use Scapple

I started using Sapple to brainstorm ideas for my novel Dirt. I have to admit I didn’t think I would like Scapple, but it is great for the way I work. I made several discoveries and isolated great questions I need to answer in a couple hours. Index Cards from iPad was easy to import into Scapple.

I would like to know how others use Scapple?

Apart from using it as a general black board for ideas, I also use it for my research. I read and annotate scientific journals on my iPad, using Papers 3. If it is something I think is of importance to the subject, I copy reference and annotations (using a special script provided by the people behind Papers) and paste it into Scapple. In Scapple I organise the different references to create the logical structure I want, and later import all of it into the Research area of Scrivener.